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ASUTEX works to achieve zero discharge of our wastewater:

ASUTEX reuses its waste water, both in cleaning jobs and to be incorporated, whenever it is possible, to our production processes, thus avoiding the excessive consumption of a prime resource necessity as water. Once this wastewater can not be reused anymore, it is then run through our inner purifying plant, which can work in both biological and physical-chemical processes. ASUTEX is working on incorporating a system of evaporation and drying of sludge to definitely achieve the zero discharge.

ASUTEX reuse. By means of contracts with waste managers authorized by the competent authority, ASUTEX attempts to reuse at maximum the containers provided by our suppliers, extending thus life cycle.

ASUTEX recycles.

All our waste is managed by local authorized recyclers. ASUTEX prioritizes to contract managers that perform a valuation of our managers to other waste firms carrying other residue treatments. We consider that one of our waste can be a raw material in another industry.

ASUTEX uses renewable energy.

Asutex seriously bet on renewable energy by installing a system of solar panels at its facilities.

ASUTEX saves on packaging.

We work to minimize the use of packaging and it is with this policy that we are minimizing the consumption of raw materials and, subsequently, minimize environmental impact.

ASUTEX develops products that respect the environment.

From our R + D + i they are working to develop products that are the most respectful to the environment and that, this notwithstanding, meet the expectations and needs of our customers without altering its effectiveness all at once. ASUTEX works with the most sustainable raw materials in the market.

ASUTEX develops safe products for the textile industry.

Our technical team has prioritized the development of products that offer a safe range of textile products, both whether your application is designed for children or adults, as well as for any other final uses. We work to ensure compliance of different eco-labels and to meet standards of quality and safety of the major existing fashion brands.

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